A Dummies Guide to SuperBonds

  • What SuperBonds is
  • What problem SuperBonds solves
  • How SuperBonds works
  • How SuperBonds puts $ in your pocket
  • Who is behind SuperBonds
  • The SB token
  • Our roadmap

What is SuperBonds?

What Problem Does SuperBonds Solve?

How Does SuperBonds Work?

Why You as DeFi Investor Should Care

Who is Behind SuperBonds?

What Does The SB Token Do

The SuperBonds Roadmap

  • Mainnet launch of the MetaYielder platform in April 2022.
  • Launch of the MetaLend platform in summer/fall 2022, followed by the automation of MetaLend issuance.
  • Enabling of governance and transfer of SuperBonds to a DAO in winter 2022.



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DeFi’s first on-chain fixed-yield market: Guaranteed Yield. Self-Custody. Built on Solana