Introduction to SuperBonds

SuperBonds is the first bond market based on the Solana blockchain network. We strive to make fixed income in DeFi as convenient and safe as possible by offering unique solutions.

Currently, there are many investment platforms in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. However, they come with cons and potential risks, such as lock-up periods, the need to store funds in platform-owned wallets, large transaction costs, etc.

Being a Liquidity Provider in the Ethereum network, the withdrawal fee may turn your profits to dust. SuperBonds has been developed on the fastest known blockchain network, which operates without the insane fees.

The primary benefit of using SuperBonds stands as follows: in case you buy a bond, you have a guaranteed return in USDT. What’s more, you do not have to store it within the SuperBonds platform itself; you can self-custody it in any wallet of your choice or on a different platform.

With CeFi crypto products today, there is the hidden risk of fund storage on a platform to generate yield, which many DeFi products solve. However, with DeFi protocols, there is uncertainty in terms of the terminal value, thus rendering collateralization prospects slim for the user’s LP tokens. SuperBonds platform eliminates both these pain points by enabling bonds with certain end-values that the user can self-custody.

In order to make DeFi’s first bond market simpler, SuperBonds uses Non-Fungible Tokens (aka NFTs). These bonds as NFTs can be redeemed anytime and have a fixed yield. The bonds can be settled by any end-owner.

So how does one benefit from SuperBonds and what is the solution? — Let’s figure it out together with a simple example below!

For instance, John has a liquid portfolio with $10,000 worth of assets.

Being a wise crypto trader/investor, he knows that some percentage of his portfolio has to be hedged in stablecoins in order to be able to either lower an average entry price with any position or catch further market fluctuations, aka buying the dip.

So, John has $2,500 (25% of his portfolio value) stored in the most liquid and trusted stablecoin to date — TetherUS (USDT).

Being a smart and profit-oriented market participant, he is trying to find a way to maximize his possible gains and not let a single cent from his portfolio be gobbled up by inflation.

John buys fixed and guaranteed income bonds on the SuperBonds platform. His hedged portfolio part, which does not participate in the trading activities, still generates income. Win-Win.

John now owns NFTs that can be stored anywhere and redeemed anytime without any restrictions. The terminal (minimum) value of his NFT is known, which is greater than at the moment of purchase. It is not subject to any fluctuating token prices.

SuperBonds tokenizes a fixed USD yield into a unique NFT that as a self-custodied financial asset can enable different kinds of collateralization opportunities within the rapidly innovative DeFi space, unlocking a new chapter in capital efficiency. Rates do not constantly change, providing greater predictability for traders & Liquidity Providers alike.

More detailed information will be explained in our next articles, stay tuned!

In case you have any questions related to SuperBonds platform, its ecosystem, and SuperB token — you are warmly welcome to follow our social media channels in order to be abreast of all news and community with the core team:






DeFi’s first on-chain fixed-yield market: Guaranteed Yield. Self-Custody. Built on Solana

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DeFi’s first on-chain fixed-yield market: Guaranteed Yield. Self-Custody. Built on Solana