SuperBonds: Bond Underwriting and Staking

Bond Underwriting

  • LP-Pool Token: The price of the LP token for any pool will be determined based on total capital deployed minus all liabilities, and the number of LP tokens issued.
  • Fees: As each trade will accrue fees, Bond Underwriters will earn a portion of the fees collected. Upon launch, this share will be 55% of the fees collected!
  • SuperB Tokens: 60% of the SuperB emitted as part of the protocol rewards will be distributed to LPs, proportional to their contribution to their pool.
  • Staking: Bond Underwriters will be able to stake their LP tokens to accrue SuperB tokens, which can further be staked in different pools to stack further yields.
  • Farming Rewards: In addition to other benefits, LPs will also earn from the yield generated via external farming using the Trader Pool funds.


  • 30-Day Staking Pool: For holders of the 30-Day Trader Pool LP tokens
  • 90-Day Staking Pool: For holders of the 90-Day Trader Pool LP tokens
  • SuperB Staking Pool: For SuperB token holders
  • SOL-SB Staking Pool: For holders of the SOL-SB token (Pool tokens for SB AMMs on Solana*)

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