SuperBonds Token Utility and Tokenomics -$SB

3 min readFeb 17, 2022


As the first bond market based on the Solana blockchain network, SuperBonds is striving to make fixed income in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) as convenient and safe as possible by offering our unique solutions. In line with this, we thought it wise to update our community about our SuperBonds $SB token utility and its Tokenomics.

Token sale

$SB’s private sale round was completed on November 30th at $0.005. The $SB token is currently trading on Exchanges such as MEXC Global, Orca (the highest paying APR on Orca is the SB/USDC double-dip pool), Raydium, and Jupiter Aggregator and we are working hard to get SuperBonds listed on other trusted venues.

Token Supply Mechanism

The $SB tokens are designed with a deflationary model as they are burnt after every transaction. With a fixed supply that reduces overtime, $SB tokens are majorly distributed via protocol rewards. As a result of this,

Majority of the tokens are still up for grabs
Emissions are set for releasing $SB rewards over the next decade, so there is a low float in the market right now.
With $SB also serving as gas for the platform, float never grows overnight and will achieve balance as emissions continue.

The contract address for $SB — SuperbZyz7TsSdSoFAZ6RYHfAWe9NmjXBLVQpS8hqdx

Sale Details

● Total supply: 10,000,000,000 $SB
● Current circulating supply: 526,252,486 $SB
● Private sale price: $0.005

Token Distribution

Rewards Program

There are 6 Billion SB tokens reserved as Protocol Rewards. In order to receive the rewards, Liquidity Providers have to stake their Pool LP Tokens on the platform while traders will need to have active trades to qualify for the rewards. Holders of SB can also stake their SB tokens, so they can earn more SuperBonds tokens.

The distribution of SB tokens will happen at a rate that is based on the platform’s traction and be subject to change from time to time.


Bond Traders will earn Variable Yields in $SB
Staking Rewards for LP tokens are in $SB
Staking Rewards for staking SB are in $SB

Token Release Schedule

We are applying a block-by-block release strategy at TGE to prevent inorganic fluctuations and pump & dump schemes for $SB tokens.

Use Cases for $SB

$SB token is the core token of the SuperBonds platform. Its only functionality is that it is the gas that powers the entire SuperBonds platform.

$SB is needed in every transaction

Traders need the $SB token to buy, sell or redeem bond NFTs

Liquidity Providers need $SB tokens to be able to add or remove liquidity to the Trader Pool

$SB tokens will be burned after every transaction

The $SB token will also be used to reward users who provide liquidity and also traders who provide USDC in exchange for Bonds. Users who stake their SB/LP tokens in different pools will earn staking rewards which can be utilised for further yield generation.

About SuperBonds

SuperBonds is a platform that employs financial NFTs to facilitate DeFi’s first bond market. With SuperBonds, traders can buy fixed yield bonds in the form of financial NFTs that are redeemable anytime. These bonds can be self-custodied and can be utilised as collateral elsewhere. Liquidity Providers who underwrite the bonds, have access to multiple revenue streams via the SuperBonds platform to incentivise the creation of yield-bearing NFTs with a definitive Yield-To-Maturity (YTM). All of these are powered by the SB token, which is the gas that is paid for every transaction on the SuperBonds platform.

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