SuperBonds Trading Competition

How it works:

Competition Time:
00:00 UTC February 4th, 2022 - 00:00 UTC February 18th, 2022


  • Traders must connect their wallets to Raydium Swap and trade a minimum $500 USDT worth of SB tokens within the Competition Time to qualify.
  • At the end of the Competition Time, the trader with the highest volume of trades will win a minimum of $2000.*
  • This reward will be amplified by up to 10x, or up to $20,000 USDT based on the trader’s holdings of SB in that same qualifying wallet at the time that the winner is chosen.

The actual prize distribution will be:

  • Minimum Reward: $2,000* USDT
  • For SB holdings > 300,000 SB → Reward: $4,000 USDT
  • For SB holdings > 500,000 SB → Reward: $7,000 USDT
  • For SB holdings > 1,000,000 SB → an additional $100 for every 25,000 SB, up to a Maximum Reward of $20,000 USDT.
  • Wallet address
  • Email address
  • Telegram username


  1. All trades must take place on Raydium Swap.
  2. Traders must trade a minimum of $500 USDT worth of SB during the Competition Time on Raydium Swap to qualify. Any trades done of Raydium DEX will automatically not be counted.
  3. Traders must join our Telegram and Discord servers, and retweet the Trading Competition Tweet to be eligible for entry.

We are eager to hear from you!



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